Wordstream made an interesting blog post called, “How Product Listing Ads Are Stealing Your Conversions”.


It’s an interesting view on how PL ads change the appearance of the page, how different elements appeal to different searchers – and what that means for both PPC advertisers and for organic listings.

The whole thing is well worth a read, but the gist of it is this:

The people with higher commercial intent who know exactly what they want – for example, a Keurig Elite single-serve coffee maker – are drawn right to the ad that shows them:

  • The name of the product they’re looking for

  • A picture of the product they’re looking for

  • The price

  • Where they can order it from

I can’t fault the logic.

The takeaways? Here are a couple:

Firstly, if you’re selling products, you need to use Product Listing Ads.

Second, this is just one of the ways Google is pushing searchers towards ads. If your business is dependent on SEO, you’re headed for trouble.


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