Please do me a quick favour: go to www.google.co.uk and type in “accounting software” (without quotes).

You’ll see the first organic result is a company called Kashflow.

That ranking is the result of work done by an SEO called Ray Field.

This exact match search term gets around 150 searches a day. If you wanted to be #1 in adwords, it would cost you over £25 per click.

If we use the standard assumption that the first organic listing gets around 17% clickrate for commercial searches, that means this ranking is worth roughly:

150 x 17% x £25 = £637 per day

150 x 17% x £25 x 7 = £4,462 per week

150 x 17% x £25 x 365 = £232,687 a year

And, remember, this is just the exact match search term. it doesn’t include all the related long tail searches. If you included Kashflow’s rankings for those, it would take the annual value to over £1m a year.

And, again, that’s just accounting software and its variants. It doesn’t include other keywords like “bookkeeping software” etc.

In a few minutes, I’ll explain how – for just £150 – you can learn the very techniques Ray used on the Kashflow site in order to get page one rankings for your site.

You’ll get everything. Once you’ve finished, there will be nothing Ray did that you won’t be able to do.

I’m not suggesting you’ll make £1m a year from the rankings you achieve. But maybe you’ll make 10% (£100,000 a year) or 5% (£50,000 a year). And, for an investment of just £150, those would be pretty good returns, wouldn’t they?

Introducing Ray Field

I believe Ray is the best SEO in the UK (he wouldn’t say that, he’s far too modest). He’s been doing SEO for over 15 years.

For the last 7 years, he’s been the only person I’ve recommended when my PPC clients have asked me, “Steve, do you know a good SEO?”.

He’s consistently gotten high page 1 rankings for these clients… rankings that, once achieved, last.

That’s right, none of this “Keep paying me each month” nonsense that so many SEOs use. Once the SEO was done, it was done.

Panda and Penguin Proof

Even when Google made major changes to their algorithm – such as Panda and Penguin – the rankings held fast.

That’s because Ray’s methods don’t rely on him being able to out-smart Google – which would always be a losing proposition, given the number of PhDs Google employs.

Instead, they’re about giving Google what it wants.

The problem with Ray – two problems, actually

There were two problems with recommending Ray as an SEO:

#1: His fees are pretty high. Even a fairly straightforward SEO job costs 4 figures.

#2: He usually had a waiting list – often 6 months or more – before he could start work on a site.

15 years’ experience for just £150

The good news is that Ray has created a course that covers all the techniques he uses to get these high, long-lasting SEO rankings.

Another piece of good news is that, although the course will cost £250, if you act quickly, you can get it for the early bird price of just £150.

That’s £150 to learn, not just the tricks of the trade, but the actual trade. You could, if you wanted, study this course and become an SEO. (And, right off the bat, you’d be better than most SEOs.)

What this course is

It’s everything you need to know in order to SEO a website and get high rankings in Google. It doesn’t assume you know anything about SEO. And, if you’re an expert – or a professional – it’ll teach you things about on-page SEO that I’ve never heard any of the Gurus talk about.

It’s online, so you can go through it at your own pace and refer to it as many times as you want.

It also has a private member’s forum where you can ask questions and get help from Ray and other experts.

What it isn’t

This isn’t begging for, buying, or renting links

This doesn’t involve spending hours posting on social media

This isn’t writing articles/blogs or guest blogging

And it’s not blog comment spamming.

It’s not the latest “trick of the month” to fool Google and get rankings that’ll soon vanish. These are the strategies that have worked successfully for years.

This isn’t a few tricks of the trade – this is the trade. Don’t be misled by the low price, this is a complete system. The course covers everything Ray does when  SEOing sites.

This isn’t the lazy man’s SEO solution – when Ray teaches this one-to-one, it takes two very long days. You’re going to have to put in the hours to read the course material and watch the videos. And you’re going to have to do the work to apply the methods to your website.

You’re going to learn a skill. Skills take time and effort to learn.


I’ve been involved in online marketing for 8 years. In that time, I’ve seen a shedload of SEO courses.

Almost all of them taught things that, if you did them today, would get you penalised by Google.

And the one or two exceptions involved spending hours and hours each week blogging and schmoozing on social media.

This is the first course I’ve seen that makes sense for a business owner – you know, someone who spends their day running a business, rather than tweeting.

If you were my best friend and you needed to master SEO – and quickly – in order to pay your bills, then I’d tell you to buy this course.

I can’t say it any clearer than that.

If you’re interested and want to know more, check out the course here: Ray’s SEO Course

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson

PS Writing this made me think about how Ray and I first got to know each other. It was 2006 and he and I were brought in to be two sides of a three-way deal… only to be screwed by the other guy!

That guy ended up going bust. Ray and I are still in business.

The lesson? No matter what the cynics say, you rarely get far in business playing “smash and grab.”

PPS The course contains a module on website conversion that was written by me. It’s roughly 3,000 words covering the fundamentals of turning visitors into buyers.

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