Yesterday, someone asked why they had problems with their landing page quality. As far as they were concerned, it was relevant. But Google didn’t like it.

So I took a look. Here’s what I wrote:

“Think about it like this: Google is trying to figure out whether your homepage is related to this keyword.

Here’s what you’re giving them: A page…

#1: That doesn’t have the keyword (Except in the title)

#2: That has no h1 header

#3: That has a ton of h2s, and they’re not themed around the keyword

#4: Where the most common 3-word phrases are: home page services, page services carriers, street address city.

Chances are, Google’s confused about the theme of the page.

I’ve seen this a ton of times. Sometimes you’ve got to spoonfeed google the meaning of your page.”

If you want to know more about how quality score works – and how to fix problems – check out chapters 4-9 of my book, The PPC Multiplier Method.

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