For someone looking to benefit from Pay Per Click advertising, this is the place to start. The first thing I do is a PPC feasibility review.

This review will:

– identify your main key phrases

– look at the search volumes for those key phrases to make sure there is sufficient demand to make a professional PPC campaign worthwhile

– check the likely cost per click of your main terms

– review your website to see if it’s likely to convert any PPC traffic we send to it.

This analysis will tell us if PPC could be expected to make good money for your business and what work will be needed on your website to make a profit from each click you buy.

If we decide that pay per click advertising is something you should and could be using, I then do a full analysis of the key terms, set up ad groups, write ads and work with you to set bid prices and daily budgets.

After that, you’ll have a pay per click campaign set up and running for your business.

If you choose this option, there is a cost of £40 for the feasibility analysis. However, if we go ahead with the setup, that £40 is deducted from the setup cost of £300, so you’d only have to pay £260.

(no VAT is charged, the price you see is the price you pay)

Important Note: The charge for the feasibility review is to separate the serious business people from the tyre kickers who are just after free advice.

The £40 doesn’t adequately cover all the time, effort and expertise I put into doing each review. For this reason, I don’t offer reviews as a separate service.

What To Do Now

If these services interest you, you can either email me at or give me a call during office hours on 07552 486 127.

I’ll be happy to take a look at your website – and your current PPC campaign if you have one – to see if I can help you.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson