Steal This Secret

I recently ran an Adwords split-test where the only difference in the ads was the 2nd line of text: Ad #1: “40 years experience. Call today” Ad #2: “39 years experience. Call today” The first ad got a 2.50% click rate. The second was clicked on 4.42% of the time. Read more…

Long copy v short copy

“People don’t like to read”

“People have short attention spans”

“People don’t scroll”

“You need to keep it short, no-one’s going to read ALL that.”

These are the things you’ll hear when the subject of long copy comes up.

Yet, at the same time, direct marketers – people who measure the response to their sales messages – say things like this:

“As a rule, good long copy will always beat good short copy.” (Drayton Bird)

So who is right?

Long Copy Put To The Test

A couple of months ago, I wrote a long copy version of a client’s sales page. This longer version had 1089 words, compared to the existing version’s 360.

Unsurprisingly, there was some resistance (more…)