When it comes to PPC management, you have a number of options. Here’s a rough idea of which option is best for your budget…

Monthly spend < $1,000

At this level, your choices are limited.

If you hire a freelancer and they charge you 20% of spend, that’s under $200/month. You won’t get much for that. A few hours at best.

So, unless you are trying to grow the spend significantly, manage it yourself – or get one of your staff to manage it.

Even then, because of the poor economies of scale, it’s tough to turn a profit.

Monthly spend $1,000 – $10,000

At this level, you’re probably not making enough to have a full-time PPC person. And, if you hire an agency, they’ll charge you $200-$2,000 and you’ll be one of their smaller clients – so you probably won’t get their best people working on your account.

So, at this level, hiring an experienced freelancer usually makes the most sense.

Monthly spend $10,000 – $30,000

This is probably still too low to hire an experienced PPC manager full-time. 

But you’re getting big enough to get good treatment from a smaller agency – but a freelancer might still be your best value for money.

Monthly spend $30,000-$50,000

At this level, all three options are on the table.

You could hire a good agency – and get treated well. You could get a great freelancer (probably cheaper than an agency). Or you can start thinking about an in-house person.

Based on your spend, an agency would probably charge $4,500 – $10,000. (A freelancer would usually charge less.)

Hiring someone full-time for $5,000/month would probably cost you around $7,500 – because of the additional costs of having an employee. Depending on your location, you could get someone experienced for that.

Monthly spend $50,000+

Hire the best person you can hire full-time.

At this level, you’re spending at least $600,000 a year. Every 10% higher return they can squeeze out of that is worth $60,000. 

So the difference between someone who is really good and someone who’s mediocre is going to be multiple six figures.

So this is not the time to buy cheap.

All the best,

Steve Gibson

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