If you’re shopping around for Pay Per Click management services, let me give you the 5 main reasons why I believe you should talk to me:

Reason #1 – Marketing experience and advice

As an experienced marketer (not just a PPC guy), I am able to advise on your web marketing strategy, your web copy and conversion process. If you read the testimonials page, you’ll see how much my clients have benefited from by ability to understand their marketing challenges and help them find solutions.

Reason #2 – I work “both sides of the click”

Adwords success isn’t just about getting more clicks for less money, it’s also dependent on the ability to turn those clicks into sales. I work with my clients to help them increase the conversion rates of their sites.

This often means taking time to pore over their web stats to find the weak spots in their sales process and then strengthening those weaknesses so more sales are made.

Reason #3 – When you hire me, you get me

I do all the work myself, I don’t pawn it off to some wet-behind-the-ears trainee who’s expected to learn by trial and error on your dollar.

Reason #4 – Price

You’ll not find a competent and experienced marketer working for peanuts. However, I keep my prices down by keeping my overheads to the minimum.

I don’t have expensive offices, I work from home. And, as I get most of my business by recommendation, I now spend very little time and money on marketing my own services.

This means my costs are very low and almost all my working time is client work. As a result, my hourly rate is comparatively low (currently only £32 per hour).

Reason #5 – A Level Payment Structure

David Ogilvy – one of the greatest advertising men of all time – said:

“Experience has taught me that advertisers get the best results when they pay their agency a flat fee. . . . It is unrealistic to expect your agency to be impartial when its vested interest lies wholly in the direction of increasing your commissionable advertising.”

Part of my job is to reduce your click costs, so I charge a flat fee. If I worked on a %ge of click spend (like many of my competitors do), every hour I spent reducing your costs would be an hour where I would lose money, rather than earning it!

Now that you understand how I work, please click here to learn about my different services: pay per click services.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson