If you have a website that’s selling to the UK, should your website buttons say “Add to Cart” or “Add to Basket”?

After all, Amazon.com has “Add to Cart”, but Amazon.co.uk uses “Add to Basket”.

Does this mean – given how many website split-tests Amazon have run over the years – that we Brits respond better to the word “basket”?

I was curious about this…

So I Ran A Test

With an ecommerce client of mine, we split-tested his original “Add to Cart” buttons against otherwise identical “Add to Basket” buttons and, after 373 sales…

… there was no friggin’ difference.

… actually, that’s not exactly true, “Add to Basket” was ahead 187-186 when we finally gave up on the test. But, of course, that 0.54% increase in conversions is utterly meaningless.

Does this mean your site won’t show a meaningful difference if you test it? No. What it does suggest is that there might be better things to split-test than “Add to cart” v “Add to basket”.


PS If you’ve done this test on your own site and gotten a statistically meaningful result, drop me an email, I’d like to hear about it.

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