Let me tell you a story…

A prospect contacted me recently. He was using a PPC agency, but his ads weren’t profitable.

At one point during our conversation, he said to me, “The agency has all the relevant qualifications…”

I let him into a secret. And, today, I’m going to let you into the same secret: PPC “qualifications” are worthless.

I’ll explain …

You’re only 2 multiple choice tests away from PPC Certification

To become “PPC certified” – and I am – all you have to do is pass two multiple choice tests.

Now, apologists will tell you the pass mark is really high – 80%! But it means nothing because these exams are incredibly easy.

You get two hours for each one. Each year, I rattle through mine in around 35 minutes each. And, despite only taking around 21 seconds per question – barely enough time to properly read the question – I usually score 90-94%.

This hardly sounds like a professional qualification, does it?

Why it’s a big scam

Imagine you hired a bricklayer to build a wall. You hired him, in part, because he had professional bricklaying qualifications.

He builds the wall. A couple of weeks later, it falls down.

Then you discover that his “qualifications” were nothing more than passing a couple of online exams… You’d feel tricked, right?

Welcome to the world of google certification.

What you SHOULD look for when hiring a PPC manager

A few years ago, I wrote a short guide to hiring a PPC manager. You can read it here:


It won’t guarantee you’ll hire the right person. But it will definitely improve your odds.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson

PS Because it’s an online exam, you could get someone else to do it for you. I’ve heard – off the record – that some agencies get their trainees qualified by having an experienced member of staff take the exam in their name.

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