On 22th April, Google is going to make a big announcement about changes to Adwords. You can read their post about it here:


In the post, they offer 3 teasers…

1: It’s no longer about devices.
2: Context matters more than ever.
3: Connecting people to content.

Which suggests the changes are going to be:

#1: A way to recognise a person as being the same person, regardless of whether they’re using the internet on their laptop, tablet, smartphone…

#2: Improved ways for advertisers to tell Google which ad to show, depending on the device being used

#3: Some “improved” ways of identifying which searchers are most likely to convert. I put “improved” in quotes as it’s unlikely to be an improvement.

Personally, I’m very curious about how they’re going to do the first one. (And whether it’ll turn out to be illegal in the EU!)

The 2nd one could be interesting if it reverses some of the worst aspects of “enhanced” campaigns – i.e. forcing advertisers to bid the same for tablets as for pc/laptop.

And the 3rd one is unlikely to interest me at all. Unless you have a large number of conversions per week and a fairly static business (same products, same prices, same competitors), the existing conversion tracking isn’t particularly effective. I think they need to learn to walk before trying to run.

Just my 2p,


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