Does Price Even Matter?

One of the things I’ve tested is price points.

My tests have indicated that price points of 7 and 9 tend to underperform price points of 5 and 0 – often by over 30%.

So, for example, £75 or £80 would usually be “good” prices compared to £77 and £79. (Good = more sales.)

However, there are experts in America who claim 9s are best.

The evidence they cite is a 2003 study by University of Chicago and MIT titled, “Effects of $9 Price Endings on Retail Sales: Evidence from Field Experiments”.

This experiment took four products priced $39, $49, $59, $79.

They tested what would happen if (more…)

What is growth hacking?

I just watched a webinar on “Growth Hacking”. I was curious to see how it’s different to marketing. It isn’t. (Other than ghastly jargon, like you need to “optimize on-boarding”, and the exhortation to make your pages “awesome”.) Either someone has knowingly re-branded time-proven marketing methods so they can own Read more…

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