If you’re considering hiring me as your PPC manager, I’d be happy to give you an audit of your account – tell you where you stand right now, and how much improvement is possible.

These audits are free of charge, but they do come with one condition…

I have a unique approach to PPC optimisation. This approach is, in my opinion, far more logical and far more effective than the standard approach.

Its enabled me to take accounts that have been managed by some of the biggest agencies in the UK and double, triple  – or more – profits.

Using just a few parts of this system, I was able to increase the profits of a very well known sofware company by 643% in just 7 months. You can read the case study here.

I wrote a 58 page book that explains this methodology. The book explains how AdWords works, where the biggest opportunities are, and how working on those key areas – together with “conventional” PPC management – creates explosive growth in your ROI.

So, before I audit your PPC account, I ask that you read the book. It’s only 58 pages – with a lot of white space – so you could read it in under an hour.

On the other hand, if not the sort of person who’s willing to invest an hour in understanding this important part of your business, I don’t think we’d enjoy working together.

You can download the book free here.

If once you’ve read it, you agree this is the best way to maximise your PPC profits, I’ll be happy to audit your account.

The audit is done manually, and it’s done by me (I’ve been managing ppc accounts since 2006). I’ll look at your existing campaigns and see if there are ways to make significant improvements.

If there are, I’ll give you an outline of what these are, and then we can take it from there.

To request an audit, you can either email me at steve@bothsidesoftheclick.co.uk or give me a call during office hours on 0131 336 3572.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson

PS If we do work together, you’ll find my fees quite reasonable. I work on a fixed-fee basis based on the number of hours I expect to work x an hourly rate of £40.

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