Ever taken a course on Udemy?

Apparently, they can be pretty good. But one in particular caught my eye.

The title is, “Google AdWords Certification – Get Certified in Just 2 Days!

That might sound like a pretty big promise … but it’s only just getting started …

The subheadline is, “Become Google AdWords Certified in Just 2 Days. Get Hired With Your Google AdWords Certification!”

That’s right, “get hired.”

You might be wondering, are there any catches?

Apparently not, as the bullets include:

* No Google Adwords Experience Required!

* No prerequisites or work experience required to take the exam or this course

That’s right, they’re taking complete newbies and teaching them how to pass Google’s AdWords exams … in just 48 hours.

You might think it’s a joke, but according to Udemy, 16,822 students have taken this course. And, presumably, they’re out there touting their services as “Certified AdWords Experts.”

(Some of them in the “AdWords Mastery” group on Facebook – where I saw this course recommended.)

And, presumably, business owners – fooled by their qualifications – are hiring them.

Would you want them managing YOUR ppc account?

Probably not, right?

You wouldn’t want your business – something you’ve put so much money, hope and effort into – to be this person’s training wheels.

Because, not only would they make rookie mistakes when setting up your campaigns

… they wouldn’t know how to properly manage them after they’ve been set up …

… and, when problems arise, they wouldn’t have the experience to  know how to fix them.

These are bad … very bad … but there’s something even worse …

The hidden cost of bad ppc management…

There are two kinds of costs in marketing.

There are the costs everyone understands: The cost of running the ads.

But there’s a second type of cost: Opportunity cost.

Part of that cost is the revenue you’re missing out on … from under-performing ads … or poorly-converting landing pages.

But what costs you even more is the cost of having the wrong strategy.

The three approaches to PPC

Let me explain …

There are three ways to approach PPC …

Most advertisers look at it from what I call the “traffic perspective.”

More sophisticated advertisers use the “conversion perspective.”

The problem is, both these approaches will limit your traffic.

That’s why I take a different angle. I call this the “PPC Multiplier Method.” You could call it the “visitor optimisation perspective.”

It avoids the problems caused by the other two approaches – while taking the best ideas from each of them.

If you’re interested in knowing more, check out this article about it:


And, if you read it, and you decide you’d like someone to implement this strategy for you – someone with 13 years’ experience, rather than 2 days – give me a shout.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson