Ever gotten an incredibly low click rate? I mean less than 0.1%?

You might be thinking, “What the hell?” Maybe feeling a little unloved?

Well, don’t worry, it might not be such a big deal after all.

There are a couple of perfectly innocent reasons why this can happen …

Reason #1: Your ads are mainly showing on either the display network or on the partner network. These will typically have much lower click rate than Google search.

Reason #2: You’re almost always showing at the bottom of the page – where click rates are lower.

OK, let’s say neither of these things are the cause.

Now you can worry.

The good news is, when click rates are this low, that means something is CATASTROPHICALLY wrong …

… Which might not sound like good news, but it means it should be easy to spot!

Now, there are three parts to any marketing message. There’s the audience. There’s the offer you want to make to that audience. And there’s the ad that connects the two.

So, let’s start with the audience. Who is seeing the ad? More specifically, where do they live and what are they searching for?

The answers to these two questions should be:

A: A location you sell in.

B: What you’re selling. (Don’t just look at your keyword – look at the actual search terms they’re typing into Google.)

Let’s assume the audience is fine. Now let’s look at your ad.

Does your ad directly relate to what they typed into Google?

I’m guessing, probably not.

Now, what if ,,,

#1: You have a click rate of  under 0.1% on Google search…

#2: Your ad is being shown at the top of the page at least occasionally …

#3: Your location targeting is correct …

#4: Your keywords are relevant …

#5: Your ad relates to your prospects’ search terms …

Then, congratulations, you have a problem that I’ve never seen in the 14 years I’ve been managing PPC accounts.

But, if you’d like me to look at it, I might be able to help …

All the best,

Steve Gibson